Re-Light Project GalleryJohn

Re-Light Project Gallery

Our Re-Light project gallery is to display some of the lights we have created, featuring our more dramatic glamour shots highlighting the amount of detail we put into each and every one, including hand painted patina with multiple layers.

We also can make custom lights for you, just let use know what you are looking for or bring in an item you want turned into a light?

Re-Light [repurposed light], we repurpose many items or parts of items into creative lighting, not meant to light a room but more to enhance it’s decor. We mix and match parts together from our parts bins, most vintage but some newer parts. We never make two exactly the same, we always use vintage style cloth cords and vintage style bulbs. We always put in a lot thought before we even start a new Re-Light project, picking out just the right parts, the perfect color scheme, a color matched cord and then the final finish details. Most of our lights have at least 3 different colors in the final finish even if it is shades of the same color to add depth.

Click on images below to see full size photos

Click on images below to see full size photos